Trademark Guidelines


Thank you for choosing Natural Fiber Welding, Inc. as your partner for sustainable and circular materials. The trademark name, logo(s) and other visual identity elements of Natural Fiber Welding, Inc. (or NFW, Inc.), and our ingredient brands MIRUM® and CLARUS® (as well as the NFW® brand itself ) are valuable assets. We respect the intellectual property rights of our brand partners and we also require others to do the same.

NFW treats the improper use of its trademark assets seriously. We are monitoring the use of our trademarks in the market, and are taking necessary actions to protect them. Please work closely with your business contacts at NFW to make sure you are complying with the co-marketing agreements you have made. Follow these guidelines carefully to avoid any risk of trademark infringement.

Trademark quick reference guide

NFW® Brand Trademarks
Natural Fiber Welding®

Legal line
All trademarks of Natural Fiber Welding, Inc. should always appear with the approved corresponding legal lines to protect the ownership of intellectual property. The following example is an authorized statement:

MIRUM® is a trademark of Natural Fiber Welding, Inc.

Trademark Usage

The trademarks of Natural Fiber Welding, Inc. are valuable assets that will be vigorously defended against piracy and improper usage that could damage our brands or degrade their value. Please help us protect the integrity of our trademarks by following these simple rules:

  • Always use the appropriate trademark symbol as indicated above.
  • Always use the proper generic following a trademark. Acceptable generic terms include “plant-based leather material,” “material,” “leather-like material,” “patch,” “trim,” or “tag,” e.g., MIRUM® Patch, MIRUM® Material.
  • Trademarks function as an adjective that describe a generic term. Trademarks are not nouns, verbs, or adverbs and should never be used in that manner.
  • Trademarks should never be used in the possessive or plural form and should never be hyphenated or split, even at the end of a line.