Our Platforms

Our technology platforms focus on delivering delightful materials at attractive price points. All of our materials leverage natural polymers which can be infinitely recycled or returned unimpeded to Nature’s nutrient cycles.

Regenerative agriculture can produce differentiated raw materials for ~7.5 billion people while sequestering legacy carbon. NFWis bringing to market new manufacturing routes and material chemistry that alter how plant-based materials perform in the products that make our daily lives better.

Products of petroleum have been scaled in the industrialized world to support the standards of living of only ~20% of the world’s population. Continued scaling of the linear fossil resource-based economy is unsustainable and expensive. Dependence on fossil resources cannot be the way forward.

While we applaud the hard work and innovations that are moving our energy system away from finite fossil fuel dependencies. Some of the most difficult and impactful problems that affect global standards of living and sustainability are intimately related to the availability of materials - materials that we wear, sit and stand on, and live in.


Discover the new shape of cotton

CLARUSis the name given to a set of powerful "fiber welding" technologies invented by our Founder and CEO Dr. Luke Haverhals. This patented platform solves the key performance and manufacturing limitation of natural fibers - their physical format.

Using green-chemistry principles and closed-loop processes we revitalize recycled fibers and engineer performance cotton textiles. This is accomplished by precise manipulation of molecular bonding.

This is the foundation of the CLARUS experience.

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Experience the future of
Plants, Not Plastic

Leaning into our core competency of reformatting natural polymers, MIRUM® was born to free product designers of the constraints inherent in using synthetic materials. Consumers today are right to refuse to compromise between performance, cost, and environmental stewardship.

MIRUM is made with natural, biodegradable polymers. Our finished materials are never coated in polyurethane and use no synthetic binders. MIRUM stands for 100% natural inputs and zero use of plastic. With MIRUM, nature becomes a playground for creative expression. From textures to complex constructions, the possibilities for customization are limitless.


Material cycles, new beginnings, and no ends

Our muse is Nature’s bounty of plant-based polymers. These polymers serve as the starting point for our platforms; they are our feedstocks and raw ingredients. But in the same breath, because our processes keep these polymers free from synthetic chemistries, our materials are free to circulate Nature's biochemical nutrient cycles. The biodegradation of one material is the building block of another.

While we believe in abundance, we understand the importance of material conservation. For MIRUM this means using agricultural by-products and recycling both our offcuts and end-of-life products. For CLARUS this means completely reinventing the experience of recycled fibers.

Our history

NFW's Milestones

In 2008, with funding from the U.S. Department of Defense, Dr. Luke Haverhals made the fundamental discovery that would later catalyze the founding of NFW. At the heart of this discovery is the ability to manipulate natural fiber structures at near atomic precision. Today NFW is nearly 50 people strong and has many untold chapters to come.


Natural Fiber Welding, Inc. founded.


CLARUSTM moves from lab to pilot scale.


MIRUM® invented; NFW expands to 60K sq. foot facility on Galena Rd. 


CLARUS moves from pilot to demonstration scale.


MIRUM's first commercial sales; CLARUS finds global partners.


NFW opens additional 110K sq. foot production facility on SW Jefferson