Introducing: PLIANT™

100% biobased outsoles – a plastic free foundation for sustainable footwear.

PLIANT™ outsoles leverage the incredible versatility of the Hevea brasiliensis tree. Our categorically unique plant-based curative unlocks petrochemical-free performance for 100% natural rubber. By working with PLIANT, designers and brands are no longer limited to synthetic rubbers and natural rubbers cured with petrochemicals.    

The majority of shoe soles are either 100% petroleum-based (i.e., synthetic) or contain only a very small ~10-20% natural rubber. In fact, 70% of “rubber” produced today is synthetic. From the extraction of the fossil fuels used to make synthetic rubber to continuous microplastic pollution throughout the synthetic outsole’s use, petroleum-based rubber damages the environment at every step.  

We’ve created a 100% biobased alternative that eliminates toxic chemicals and microplastic pollution from the equation. The primary input is natural rubber, and our patented plant-based curative enables footwear-worthy performance with absolutely no synthetics for the first time. PLIANT leverages standard compression molding infrastructure, which allows for rapid scalability. Unlike any other, NFW outsoles can be mechanically recycled or safely returned to the earth. 

plant-based curative_circle
Sustainably cured with our patented plant-based curative instead of petrochemicals 
renewably sourced
Renewably sourced natural rubber from responsibly managed forests, not finite fossil fuels
designed for scale
Designed for scale with compression molding on industry-standard infrastructure  
 Recyclable and naturally circular – the new foundation of sustainable footwear 

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