The skills and hard work of our staff make our mission a reality.

We are a fast growing organization that seeks additional talent from diverse backgrounds and multiple disciplines. Please see our open vacancies below. If you don’t see an opening that’s a good fit for you, please contact to stay on top of future postings.

Diversity and Inclusion is the natural result of our company commitment to put people first. That means we seek to care for all people: our customers, our partners, our communities, and each other. We treat all people with dignity, sensitivity, and respect. We’re committed to creating an organization where persons of any race, ethnicity, national origin, class, age, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or education feels valued and essential to our operations. We invite candidates from all backgrounds and viewpoints to assist us in creating a welcoming environment for all.

"It isn't often you get to start on the ground floor of something that has the potential to be world changing. There are challenges and setbacks with any developing technology but everyday we work together to improve our process and scale so that the world will be able to experience natural fibers in a whole new way. In research and development my job is a perfect storm of science, curiosity, fun, frustration, and success: it's coming to work and running an experiment and having unexpected results and having co-workers that say "That's so cool!". I love that we challenge ourselves to continuously improve so that we can show the world what nature can REALLY do."

— Maggie Firman, Yarn Production and R&D Lead

"Joining NFW was an easy decision as it provided not just an opportunity to increase my personal circle of influence for positive impact, but also an opportunity to be surrounded by a brilliant team that shares the same personal philosophy of accepting the obligation to make a positive impact and doing so through manufacturing of meaningful products and technology that will eventually impact all of humankind."

— Tom Waggoner, Head of Manufacturing

"As far as I can remember there are some core values that have always been very close to my heart: feeling part of an inspiring and caring community, working hard towards making a positive impact and doing that in a sustainable way, so that even when I am out of the picture the impact of what I helped build and create gets further improved and multiplied by others. Leading the MIRUM® team has given me a purpose that I have been looking for a long time and I am humbled to be part of such a talented, courageous, and driven team."

— Oihana Elizalde, General Manager MIRUM® Business Unit