We seek a future where consumers, by being loyal to the brands they love, are not forced to compromise between quality, value, aesthetic, and environmental stewardship.

If you ask us why we wake up and eagerly pursue our work every day, it is because we believe every person deserves a high-quality life. We are "pro-planet", "pro-ocean", and "pro-animal," but at our core, we are “pro-people.”



We are on a mission to deliver our brand partners and consumer audiences comprehensively sustainable, circular solutions: 

  • We make uncompromising natural materials
  • We scale sustainable technologies
  • We innovate for a circular economy

An uncompromising solution requires the following:

  • Low-carbon footprint throughout the entire lifecycle of a material
  • Material feedstocks are renewable and inexhaustible, sourced from regenerative operations
  • Material must be made from ecosystem nutrients and be devoid of any ecosystem toxicity
  • Products must be both naturally and industrially recyclable
  • Products must exhibit price to performance ratios that outperform petrochemical-based incumbents


NFW aspires to be genuinely good, not merely 'less bad.' This applies to the way we operate in the world and to the materials, technologies and innovations we bring to life.

These core values guide everything we do:

  • Put people first
  • Build strength through diversity
  • Be grateful
  • Be curious
  • Be collaborative
  • Pursue truth
  • Respect our shared environment

At the core of our work is this truth:

More new plant matter grows in an average day on earth than the sum total of all the petroleum-derived materials man-kind produced in a year.

Plants are inexhaustible in their abundance on Earth and unrivaled in their ability to meet the needs of the world’s population. By leveraging the strength and abundance of plants, NFWwill provide the world with a sustainable and circular material supply chain that makes use of this renewable resource.

True sustainability requires us to meet civilization where it’s at. Any solution to combat climate destabilization or to counter the plastics calamity must be able to scale to meet the needs of our growing population. We envision a future material-economy fueled entirely by natural materials, not crude oil. Furthermore, we envision that this future does not ask consumers and brands to make tradeoffs between costs, aesthetics, and sustainability.

When our CLARUStechnology revitalizes recycled cotton yarns, we are allowing the arable cotton acreage in the world to clothe more people. When MIRUM® is more attractive than a polyurethane-coated-fabric, we are displacing a finite petrochemical-based material that sheds microfiber pollutants with an alternative that’s harvested from rubber trees. Our feedstocks and raw materials can be cultivated sustainably across the globe.

We know that agricultural practices today are far from perfect. While we acknowledge this challenge, scalable, highly-productive, and regenerative agricultural operations have been proven. The shortcomings of today’s systems should not blind us from realizing the unrivaled potential of soil systems to capture atmospheric carbon. Enhancing soil systems is very likely the most powerful tool available to humanity in our fight against climate change.