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Get more from your fabric.



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Fibers as you think you know them.

Abilities you never dreamed possible.

Infinitely recyclable.

Conspicuously revolutionary.

Premium Plant-Based Leather


Supple materials for the most demanding designs and most discerning designers.

Redefining the category with diverse and abundant plants.

A new leather-substitute platform free of constraints.


Environmentally Conscious

  • Made from plants
  • Free of plastics and glues
  • Biodegradable

Tunable Advantages Made from Plants

  • Independently Definable Characteristics
    • Thickness
    • Flexibility
    • Texture
    • Pattern
  • Color & Finish
    • Traditional palette
    • Full color spectrum
    • High-shine to matte finishes
  • Craftsmanship
    • Stitchable
    • Machinable
    • Moldable
leather swatches

Offering all the benefits of leather-type materials yet free of production complexities and 100% made from plants. NFW plant-based leather-substitutes give you the desirable attributes of animal-hides with previously impossible creativity using abundant fibers. Eliminating the need for harsh chemistries and stressful processes, we bring you colors formerly reserved for synthetics, appeal without baggage, and function independent of grain and weight. Our new leather alternative, like all NFW materials, is a premium plant-based material produced using virgin and/or discarded fiber sources.

Denim table

Innovative Hardscapes

Layered denim remnants redefine distinction.

Recycle. Repurpose. Reuse.

The chic encore for natural materials.

leather swatches

Environmentally Concerned

  • Upcycled from denim remnant waste
  • Free from synthetic glues and adhesives
  • Biodegradable products

Tunable Advantages Made with Plants

  • Durable Qualities
    • Solid, capturing many characteristics of fiberboard
    • Comparable to or surpassing melamine on abrasion resistance
    • Flexural modulus and strength surpass polyethylene and polypropylene
  • Color & Finish
    • Custom patterns
    • Custom textures
  • Craftsmanship
    • Machinable
    • Moldable

Made entirely of natural fiber from upcycled post-industrial and post-consumer textiles, NFW Hardscape material is circularity. Our no waste, no pollution process keeps materials in use for a second act and beyond. By providing demand for waste and used textiles, tons of discarded material will be diverted from a single-use life. Elevating the process of recycling to create biodegradable, perpetually re-inventable products enables a sustainable, scalable, and circular future.

round table

Images courtesy of turnstone® a Steelcase brand.

Peerless Performance Fabrics

Tunable fabrics welded with possibilities.

Realize the potential of cotton upcycling.

Eclipses performance as you know it.

Welded Cotton
leather swatches

Environmentally Committed

  • Circularity without end
  • Closed-loop system
  • Enhanced longevity and elimination of waste

Tunable Advantages Made with Plants

  • Technical Capabilities:
    • Warp knitting — natural fibers unleashed
    • Integrates with existing manufacturing
    • Welded Cotton yarns are stronger and finer than traditional spun yarns
    • Enhanced stretch and recovery
    • Antimicrobial/Antibacterial properties
    • Odor resistance
    • Durability
      • - Surpasses conventional cotton on Martindale abrasion test
      • - Perfect 5/5 scores, even after 10’s of thousands of cycles
    • Bleeding edge functionalities from magnetism to energy storage
  • Color & Finish
    • Dyeable to the full extent of the color spectrum
    • Structural color options eliminate harsh chemicals
  • Craftsmanship
    • Improved efficiency for weft knitting and weaving
    • Unified process platform

NFW Welded Cotton not only exceeds conventional performance at the fabric level but enables efficiency and optionality at the manufacturing level. In some cases, our Welded Cotton can eliminate costly manufacturing steps like sizing yarns, de-sizing woven fabrics, combing, and plying. Cutting edge functionality is possible using the NFW platform to drive the electronic textile revolution. This is performance like never before.


Go Beyond

More new tonnage of plant matter grows in a day than the total tonnage of synthetics produced by mankind in a year. NFW reformats this photosynthetic abundance to enhance the standards of living for everyone.

We have found the balance of giving back to nature, using what has been given, and leaving no negative impact in the process.

Sustainable Process & Circularity

  • Closed loop dye process means no waste — include no waste water
  • Free of petroleum-based microplastics, glues, and resins
  • Source material is abundant and available today — without lead or growth time
  • Platform is not dependent on a single source of natural fiber — NFW has unlocked nature's potential
  • What we’ve created is globally supportable, renewable, and possible


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