Frequently Asked Questions


Can we - NFW - really produce rigid hardscape composites, tunable plant-based leather, and high performance fabrics from natural materials?

Yes. We really can and do produce these materials. Hardscape composites, tunable plant-based leather and high performance fabrics — and they are 100% from plants.

Why are we motivated to do this?

We believe the best way to serve people is to respect each other while taking care of our shared environments; so we are building scalable technologies designed to have a positive global impact.

As global demand for sustainable solutions continues to grow across a broad range of needs, we are poised to be one of the few scalable solutions that can meet the needs of billions of people.

For our universal community to thrive, global agricultural systems must become more sustainable, more biodiverse, and operate on a ‘hyperlocal’ level. Our founder and CEO is a ‘farm kid from Iowa’ who built a team with strong ties in support of people practicing responsible, sustainable agriculture.

What are we doing to natural fibers?

We elegantly reformat what is already there. Natural Fiber Welding is a patented closed loop platform that fuses fibrous materials without denaturing the polymers that compose individual fibers. Not reengineering, not recreating, just reformating — to broaden the spectrum of natural capabilities.

We use clean chemistries in a closed loop system powered by state of the art energy efficient automation. This means we are cost effective, people + earth-friendly and expanding the reach of the original nanotechnology — life.

Our process works with virtually all natural materials — without chemicals, without GMO’s, we efficiently alter key forces enabling natural fibers like cotton, flax, silk, wool, wood, industrial hemp and other abundant materials, to interact at the molecular level.

How are we different?

Unlike other bioengineering approaches, we work with nature at a global scale by engineering strategies that reformat nature-made materials at the molecular level.

We avoid costly deconstruction and haphazard reconstruction of materials such as silk — (a complex assembly of hierarchical structures) which has yet to be replicated with industry relevant properties and unit economics at significant scale.

Our technologies are positioned to be the heart of a new value chain where productive agricultural acres simultaneously produce food, and more than enough fiber for performance materials that everyone can enjoy. Over time, your textiles, furniture, building materials — even your packaging — will not have to travel great distances to enhance your standard of living.

Can this be done without depleting natural resources?

Yes. In fact, more new biopolymers are produced by photosynthesis in an average day than all of the synthetic chemistries processed by humankind in a year.

More dependence on local photosynthesis to create circular materials equates to less dependence on fossil fuels and less global conflict over limited resources. Diverse plant life (e.g., cellulose production) is already available globally at the gigaton scale.

Is it just recycling?

This is more than recycling. We provide a sustainable demand for upcycling — the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless or unwanted products into new, high value items. To be fully efficient and circular (eliminating costly separation and still developing recycle streams) we created the need for upcycling products made of natural materials.

What problems are we taking on?

We work to solve the synthetic plastic microfiber problem: virgin and recycled synthetics (i.e., recycled polyester) shed billions of pounds of microscopic microfiber during laundering into our waters and into the air you breathe — just by wearing them. We stop this at its root, by creating natural performance alternatives.

Our upcycled Welded Cotton™ fabrics are one solution. They can outperform synthetic analogues, while retaining the goodness of cotton, hemp, and other natural materials with their natural essences — materials that safely degrade if fibers are released into the environment.

Why work with us?

We are a platform manufacturing technology with the proven, far-reaching potential to create renewable sources of sustainable, economical materials for the textile, building product, and composite industries.

We have a strategic first focus in the textile industry creating new value using virgin and waste fiber sources.

We are seeking like-minded partners who believe in our mission and share our values. From agriculture and textile experts working towards sustainable performance materials, to investors and thought leaders who are committed to helping humanity thrive while nurturing earth – NFW is cultivating an ecosystem of stakeholders who want to see positive change through scalable, responsible technology and business. Please share your interests. We look forward to meeting you, sharing more information, and to having you involved.